Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

 11 Nov 2023

Well Its that time of the year again, but lets be real, its not about the gifts, the party's or even the decorating. Its about spending time with the ones you love and making memories to last a lifetime.Here at Clare's Flowers ,we've been making memories and becoming apart of your memories too. Around the table lighting the candle on our 'made with love for you' table center piece . To us that's a very special thing to have become part of. Traditionally and still today we arrange holly in our arrangements at this time of year. For every florist Holly is a touchy subject, I mean in the literal sense, pick it up the wrong way, you can be sure to have sore hands after. However we thought it would be a nice touch to tell you some things about holly that you may not already know. 


There are 200 cultivated varieties of native holly .

Mystery magic and myth surround its history of deeply pagan roots ,the celts druids ,romans and christians all brought a branch inside their home every winter as they believed that the plant was magical , with its ability to keep its leaves , for them was a promise that spring would come. 

Today we still up keep those traditions all around the world without sometimes realising their roots . These days we hang up holly wreaths on doors , place holly along the fireplace , plant holly trees and put it on the Christmas table.  This year Clares Flowers asks you to think about what holly represents to you? .......

In the meantime , Merry Christmas and to all a very good night..... ho ho ho